Living with a Racing Mind

Hey hey hey. Hows your day? Did you do this? That? Have you planned for this? That? What about buying those things? Did you finish your chore list? …

This is my mind… Almost constantly. Is this yours?

Mind Racing Gears Head

There’s necessary thoughts and worries, and then… there’s my mind.

A mind that processes over every little detail and dwells on so much. Then add on depression and anxiety. I’ll want to work on depression but then get anxious about being depressed or vice versa and the whole situation starts over. Whose with me?

TV Television Tube Vintage

When I was a kid this started, and it hasn’t slowed down. My doctor has me on a cocktail of medications to help with my anxiety, depression, etc. My mind just races… Constantly… Multiple thoughts.

As a kid, a coping mechanism I used was that when I was falling asleep I’d pretend my thoughts were like TV channels. I’d watch a show or a commercial then click onto the next one and so on so forth until my mind calmed down. My little mind was trying to help me relax and find a way to sleep easier… For some odd reason this helped me!

Now as an adult watching real TV will sometimes dull my thoughts for those 20-45 min shows, but then blah blah blah blah blah my mind’s back at it again.

Sleep is the best medication.

Sleep is the best medication.

Living with a mind racing is honestly one of the worst parts of anxiety for me. Some nights, I truly just lie in bed, trying to sleep, just praying for a calm moment where I’ll drift into sleep. Then tossing and turning with insomnia.

I’ve been trying to meditate which has helped some but sitting in total silence is almost about as weird as my mind racing a mile a minute. Going from 100 mph to a full stop is just plain bizarre. It calms my mind temporarily though, so I guess I’m doing something right. Some other things that seem to help are going to bed at the same time each night, writing down all my worries before bed, and really allowing myself to de-stress before bed by petting the dogs or taking a hot bath.

I know this is a life-long battle, so please post below with any tips on how to handle a racing mind!



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