Seasonal Affective Disorder and How to Feel Better

As the weather turns colder and it starts getting darker outside faster, I start suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder just like many others. This disorder is most prevalent near the end of fall to springtime due to changes in the body's internal clock, and changes in the brain and body's chemicals.

For me, my symptoms usually start right around Thanksgiving and end mid-March when the sun is starting to shine more.

I made a list for you to see some common symptoms of SAD. It’s normal to not have all of these. This is a very common disorder, so please know you are not alone!

Rain Hand Window

1. Feeling depressed nearly everyday


2. Losing interest in activities you love


3. Insomnia


4. Lack of energy


5. Changes in your appetite and weight


6. Feeling down or hopeless


How to recover from Depression

7. Suicidal ideations

Recover from Depression

 I am just one of many who deal with this and am glad this year I started to notice earlier than usual that I was losing my energy, being more down, and just a lack of motivation. Here’s what I’m going to be working on to improve my life. Want to join me?


1. Light exercise 3 times week


2. Eating more fruits and vegetables


3. Getting back into journaling like I used to.

More Tips to Recover from the Seasonal Blues

1. Self-care

Feeding Bird Hand

2. Antidepressants

3. Seeing a therapist


Let me know other ideas that have helped you with SAD!



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