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My name is Mariah Harris and I am a home health registered nurse, wife, and momma to three doggies. Food issues have been a part of my life for as long as I remember. Six years old is the first time I remember having disordered eating and by twelve years old my eating disorder really started. My eating disorder has ebbed and flowed through the years until I entered treatment in 2016. Since leaving treatment I have been on the road of recovery!

I struggled to find others to relate to in treatment and really needed a support group. So, I’m here starting a community for those who need an outlet and safe space. I also know what it’s like in my personal and professional life to deal with the stigma of having mental health issues and I’M SICK OF IT! So, I’ve become a mental health advocate and it’s a HUGE passion of mine!

Help me build a community so we can END THE STIGMA and support each other.


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Mariah Harris